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Half a Century of Yanmar’s Iconic Red Tractor Journey Back Through Time

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Half a Century of Yanmar’s Iconic Red Tractor Journey Back Through Time

Not so long time ago Yanmar Museum in Japan boasted a special exhibit showcasing the history of Yanmar’s iconic red tractors from the very first model released through to the latest YT Series. Enjoy this journey with us.  The exhibition featured tractor catalogs from over the years and hosted captivating gallery talks from Yanmar retirees and the museum director. From nostalgic sentiment shown by users of previous models through to awe and excitement expressed by first-time viewers and children, the exhibit provided a range of experiences for visitors over the summer. 

Through a collection of photographs, you will take a journey back over more than half a century of Yanmar tractor advancements and technology developments. While the late 1920s saw shifts away from manual labor to using horses in farming, it was from the late 1940s that the mechanization of tilling took off and the power tiller became a mainstay product on our farms. Later on, the late 1960s saw an increased demand to reduce manual labor, leading to the ride-on tractor. The 2020 Yanmar tractors you always can find here

The Dawning of a New Era in Efficient Farming: From Power Tillers to Tractors. The progression in ag equipment over the years has been about making work easier for farmers.

1963 YM12A

The Yanmar ride-on tractor is released just 2 years after launching the first power tiller. The YM12A/13A models are powered by horizontal water-cooled diesel engines.

1968 YM273

Equipped with a vertical water-cooled diesel engine, the YM273 becomes the new standard for tractor design.