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How Well Do You Know Your Tractor Hitch?

We want to share important information about what tractor hitches are and how they work.

And as a quick aside --- we are here to help you purchase a new tractor, parts and implements

when the time is right.

Let’s dive into the details.


The drawbar system was the only method of attaching implements (other than direct attachment to the tractor) before Harry Ferguson developed the three-point hitch.

Equipment attached to the three-point hitch can be raised or lowered hydraulically with a control lever.

The equipment attached to the three-point hitch is usually supported by the tractor. Another way to attach an implement is via a quick hitch --- which is attached to the three-point hitch.

This enables a single person to attach an implement quicker. It also puts the person in less danger when attaching the implement.

Three-point Hitch

The three-point hitch revolutionized farm tractors and implements.

While the Ferguson system was under patent, other manufacturers developed new hitching systems to try to fend off some of Ferguson's competitive advantage.

For example, International Harvester's Farmall tractors gained a two-point "Fast Hitch," and John Deere had a power lift that was like the Ferguson invention. Once the patent protection expired on the three-point hitch, it became an industry standard.

Three-point Linkage