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I Have a Three-point Hitch Problem

We want to show you how to diagnose any three-point hitch issues that may arise.

There are 3 types of hydraulic lift problems.

They won’t go up. They won’t stay up. Or they won’t go down.

The following information is meant to help you troubleshoot your issue --- not fix it.

To fix it, contact your local tractor dealer or mechanic.


Always make sure your tractor loader is working properly.

If so, this rules out a pump problem.

Now, if you find that the loader is not working, then something is wrong with the pump. Typically, this is caused when someone unhooks the hoses while the tractor is running. This automatically kills the pump.

It could also be a problem with the oil supply. This includes being out of oil, or a dirty screen or filter. If the oil is full, and the filters are clean, you may need to remove the pump and inspect it for damage

If you don't have a loader or the loader is functioning, and you have a clean filter and plenty of oil ---- then you need to check the linkage going to the valve. Make sure that a pin or rod has not fallen out and that the lever moves to the valve.