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Tractor Manuals and Service Guides                                                            

Tractor Manuals -Types

General topics are covered in service manuals including tractor specifications, safety guides, travel speeds, weights and dimensions, serial number guide, and serial number locations on the tractor, and subsequent sections of the manual addresses mechanical diagnoses and repair topics, in separate chapters based on sections of the tractor, in great detail.

The Tractor Maintenance Section contains great information on how to maintain any tractor, including oil changes, filters, service intervals, the correct oil and lubricants, coolant, correct tightening torques for bolts, nuts, and screws, tractor maintenance schedules, daily checks, and replacement parts for the 150, 200, 300, and 500 hour tractor service schedules.

Engine Sections cover engine and powertrain topics like inspection, service and repair of the tractor engine cylinder head, engine block, pistons and rings, connecting rods, camshaft, as well as assembly, troubleshooting and repair of engine problems. In this section you can find all of the information required on exactly hoe to check piston compression, adjust valve clearance, valve lift, test oil pressure, bubble test the tractor radiator, check the turbo, identify cylinder block components, and more. Data on engine pistons, connecting rods, bearings, the crankshaft, as well as the fuel injection pump, injectors, and glow plugs are also contained in this section.

The Clutch Service Section illustrates exactly how to disassemble, repair, replace and reassemble the tractor clutch, cover assembly, clutch disk assembly, bolts, captive washers, and much more. Step by step instructions about clutch parts and components are included. You will also find guides on how to inspect, adjust, and service a tractor clutch like an expert. The exploded component view’s show the entire clutch assembly, and also details how to adjust the clutch, pedal play adjustment, inspection of the clutch stopper bolt, safety switch, and instructions to diagnose and repair the disk spline boss and gear shafts. How to inspect the clutch mechanisms, clutch disk, and pressure plate, how to repair and replace the thrust ball bearing copy, check the flywheel, and engine crankshaft play are included.


The Transmission Section is the area to visit if you are looking to service main gear shift parts, hydrostatic transmission components, PTO shaft or countershaft. Information is also found in this section on how to disassemble the four wheel drive (4x4) gears and shaft, check the synchronizer gears, adjust the tractor range selector, or address shuttle shift problems.


Check out the Rear Axle Section for instructions on how to check backlash between the differential pinion and inside gears, pre-load of the taper rolling bearing, check backlash between spiral pinion, ring gear tooth contact of the main gears, toe contact of the main gears, internal bearing inspection, check clearance of the planetary gear and shaft, and, if required, complete rear axle case removal from then tractor.


The Brake Section provides not only the compete structure and operating principles of your tractor’s brake system, but here you will also discover how to diagnose and repair common brake system problems like why the tractor pulls to one side when applying brakes, what to check if the tractor has no brakes, figure out any loud noises coming from brakes (is that normal?) oil leaks from the brake case, or how to check and repair brake dragging.

This same type of detail is available for the corresponding parts and components in the front axle section, steering section, hydraulic system section, cab section, and electrical sections.

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Tractor Service Manuals and Shop Manuals provide (also known as “Workshop Technical Manuals”) provide detailed information on how to repair, perform service, and maintain your tractor. These official manuals are based on manufacturer information and include the important specifics on how to dissemble, assemble, troubleshoot and service key tractor parts and components. Most manuals include specifications, operating principles, repair, troubleshooting instructions, electrical schematics (drawings), as well as service and installation procedures. Some tractor manufacturers like Kubota, New Holland, Kioti, and New Holland manuals cover the entire machine, while others like John Deere, Yanmar, and Mahindra can be separated into two books, including an engine manual and a chassis manual.

Tractor Service Manuals

Tractor Owners Manuals

A Tractor Owner's Manual (also known as an Operator’s Manual) is a valuable guide that is supplied with a new tractor. The tractor manual contents are usually quite extensive and contain a wide set of topics and instructions on how to operate, maintain, and handle the tractor correctly so that it will provide many years of reliable and predictable service. The Operator's Manual constitutes an indispensable part of owning a tractor and is something that you want to keep readily accessible. It is a great idea to get familiar with the instructions and information contained in the manual, especially if the tractor is new to you. Each manual also contains information and the performance limits to be considered when using a tractor attachment or implement in conjunction with the machine itself.


Tractor Manuals are organized with sections arranged in a specific order to enable the tractor owner and operator to clearly understand i) important safety topics; ii) how to correctly operate the tractor and details about the functions of its operator controls; and iii) how to maintain and properly service a tractor. 

Tractor Parts Manuals

Tractor Parts Manuals cover replacement parts for the equipment. While shop repair manuals are great and provide plenty of detail on how to complete tractor repair jobs, parts manuals are essential as they break down each spare part that will be required to complete a service repair.


Our Online Tractor Service Center has online Tractor Parts Manuals and Service Manuals as well as detailed information and tractor data for Yanmar, Kubota, Kioti, John Deere, Bobcat tractors, Mahindra, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Branson, TYM tractors, Ford, Case, Honda, Deutz, Case IH, Farmall,  Branson Tractors, LS, Shibura, Claas, Tractor, McCormick Tractors, Valtra, Solis, YTO, Montana, Nortrac, Belarus, Sonalika, Jinma, , Apollo, Bolens, Fendt, Cub Cadet, Lamborghini, Iseki, Oliver, Mitsubishi Tractors, Same, Foton, Fiat, AGCO, White, and many others. Here you will find a tractor library filled with information on tractor parts, service, specifications, and other valuable tractor information and reviews.

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