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10 Bad Habits That Can Mess Up Your Tractor

We want to help you avoid messing up your tractor.

Some breakdowns are mechanical and not of our own doing. Others are self-induced “human” mess-ups.

Here are a few common mess ups to be careful of.

Putting gasoline in a diesel engine.

A diesel tractor engine is rough, tough, and rugged --- until you pour gasoline in it.

First, you hear a “pinging” noise. Next, your pistons become a mess. And finally, you are writing a check for a costly engine.

Remember --- the decal on the diesel tank says “Diesel Fuel Only” for good reason.

Failing to tighten the oil drain plug.

Every drop of oil needs to stay in the engine.

This is the job of the oil drain plug.

Many times, people simply finger-tighten the plug. Sometimes, they meant to grab a wrench to tighten it, and got distracted. This is a very costly issue.

If the oil gauge reads “0” or the oil light is red --- take it seriously --- and STOP the engine right away.

If not, the engine will stop for you.

Incorrectly stringing lights, GPS, radio