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Becoming a Homesteader

We want to share the benefits of becoming a homesteader.

Of course, part of this “homestead” lifestyle is purchasing your first tractor and we can help with that when the time comes.

Let’s get started on the journey.

Leaving the City

If you’ve been considering leaving the city, for a more “rural” life, you are not alone. Moving out of urban areas isn’t new and it is growing in popularity. Many people are changing their routines and reprioritizing their lives.

Many city dwellers are moving to the suburbs or out to the country for more land and space. They want to become more self-reliant and live at a slower pace. Many are seeking a different way of life.

These days more people are working from home. The pace of life has just slowed down immensely.

People are considering new ways to live.

Many urban dwellers have been considering how to start homesteading and becoming more self-reliant.

Covid-19 also caused food shortages. Many people were caught unprepared and don’t want to be in that situation again.

Relocating from the city creates more opportunities to grow your own food and raise livestock & poultry --- to provide you with an ongoing food source. This will give you some control.

More Land and Space

There has been large interest in moving from the city to areas with more land and space, less congestion, and more freedoms.

Moving from the city has many benefits:

  • More land

  • Green space

  • Self-reliance

  • Providing for family

  • Extra personal space

  • Less rules

  • Enjoying the outdoors

  • Slower pace

  • Less people

  • More privacy

  • Less pollution

  • Get more for the money

You do not even have to move very far. A move to the suburbs may suffice instead of journeying all the way out of the country.

Increased Land Area

Many people are just plain sick of being land-locked with people all around them.

Vast numbers of people are sick of being cooped up and want to expand their horizons.

A new place to go, learning new skills, privacy, outdoor activities, and new hobbies are just a handful of the reasons that people move from the city.

They also want green space to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Some even want to start beekeeping.

More land equals more opportunity to expand.

There are many people who want to raise animals for food and non-food usage.

Many raise poultry, chickens, and ducks for egg and meat sources. Others raise cattle, goats, and mini-milking cows as additional food sources.


The ability to be self-sustaining is appealing to homesteaders.

Moving to an area with vast outdoor space means families grow their own food. They can also set up hydroponics. Other aspects of self-reliance include the ability to collect rainwater, thus having a water source. Many install solar panels, thus saving on electricity costs. While others just love the idea of having additional storage space for food and emergency supplies.

Less Rules

Cities have many rules, ordinances, regulations, and laws, making urban agriculture difficult, if not impossible.

Some urban areas allow you to raise chickens but have strict rules against raising livestock.

Outdoor Space

Many urban areas have little to no space to spread out. Everything is so confined.

Expanded outdoor spaces provide a great change of scenery.

You can enjoy bonfires, barbeque in the yard, do woodworking, practice welding, shoot bows/arrows/guns, work on your car, have an area for kids to play, enjoy nature, and even experience fresher air and water.

Slower Pace

Leaving urban areas for a less busy lifestyle, means there is more time to spend with family, friends, pursue hobbies, and become more self-reliant.

Less People

Leaving the city for less populated areas is becoming more and more appealing.

Urban dwellings are typically compact with neighbors right on top of each other.

Leaving a metro area to move to the suburbs just to have some distance from neighbors can be a very positive and cathartic move.

Less Traffic and Congestion

When you leave the city, things slow down.

You do not typically see mass transit systems moving people from place to place. While there may be traffic or even trains, and even a cow blocking the road (depending on the area), you won’t experience the day-to-day heavy traffic of big cities.

More Privacy

Less people means more privacy.

Relocating to the suburbs or country typically means more seclusion and privacy --- and more space between neighbor’s homes.

Less Isolation

Country and suburban areas tend to have a sense of community.

There is more of a “We are in this together” mentality. Neighbors tend to help neighbors.

Less Pollution

A huge benefit of leaving the city is the drop in pollution.

In cities --- public transportation, business, and individual vehicles contribute heavily to pollution. This is not prevalent in rural areas. You will also find less litter away from the city.

More for your Money

Many times, it is far less expensive to live in a rural area.

You can get more living and outdoor space for the same amount of money or less. This means for the same amount of money people spend to live in smaller places in the city --- they can get far more living and outdoor space by simply moving farther out.

More Control

Homesteaders can do much more than city dwellers --- giving them far more control of their daily lives.

They can grow food, raise animals, and live more sustainably. Simply put, they have the room to do it.

Typically, a homesteader can do whatever they want with their land. They do not have to deal with city restrictions, HOAs, or nasty/nosy neighbors.

Wanting to Do Something

Due to the recent pandemic, city dwellers, with little space, are buying seeds and plants to start gardens.

They were growing mini gardens on balconies, outside their front door — anywhere they could to maximize space in gardens.

Many are planning food storage and home canning.

Researching Properties

With the advent of the Internet, leaving the city has been popular and doable --- as well as easier.

Instead of being near a major airport for work travel, the internet has enabled people to travel less for work. And with more people working from home, they can live anywhere and still do their jobs.

Also, relocating is easier because you can research homes and properties online. In many cases, you can see aerial views of the properties. You can also learn about the climate and weather, local schools, healthcare system, fire department, police protection, and things to do.

City Dwellers Leaving

People in cities are learning ways to live sustainably, as well as provide for their families if they had more space.

Many are getting back to the basics and enjoying simpler ways of life. This includes spending time with their families, cooking, baking, taking walks, reading, gardening, and learning new skills.

While some may enjoy an urban garden or yard, many city dwellers lack green space. Many seek ways to live more sustainably and be more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

Relocating to the suburbs or to a rural country area creates endless opportunities to grow vegetables, raise livestock, and pursue other hobbies for self-reliance or for fun. Also, you can experience a greater distance from neighbors, therefore having more privacy and freedom.

And of course, do not forget --- you will need a tractor, and we will be there to help you find the perfect one.

If you need any further help, or have any questions about homesteading, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944. Please ask about our current new and used tractor supply.

If you are looking for old, vintage, classic, or new tractor parts, send us a part request.

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