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Becoming a Homesteader

We want to share the benefits of becoming a homesteader.

Of course, part of this “homestead” lifestyle is purchasing your first tractor and we can help with that when the time comes.

Let’s get started on the journey.

Leaving the City

If you’ve been considering leaving the city, for a more “rural” life, you are not alone. Moving out of urban areas isn’t new and it is growing in popularity. Many people are changing their routines and reprioritizing their lives.

Many city dwellers are moving to the suburbs or out to the country for more land and space. They want to become more self-reliant and live at a slower pace. Many are seeking a different way of life.

These days more people are working from home. The pace of life has just slowed down immensely.

People are considering new ways to live.

Many urban dwellers have been considering how to start homesteading and becoming more self-reliant.

Covid-19 also caused food shortages. Many people were caught unprepared and don’t want to be in that situation again.

Relocating from the city creates more opportunities to grow your own food and raise livestock & poultry --- to provide you with an ongoing food source. This will give you some control.

More Land and Space