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Benefits of Buying a Second-hand Tractor

We want to help you understand the benefits of buying a second-hand tractor.

First --- let’s face it --- new tractors are very nice. Everything is brand new, you have a warranty, and you have dealer and manufacturer support. You may even have a service agreement. All major pluses!

Of course, that all comes at a substantial price. Not that it isn’t worth it. But a new tractor is not always within budget, and sometimes the workload can be done with a second-hand machine.

Second-hand tractors are pre-owned, so there is always a level of uncertainty on the condition. Of course, you can, and should opt for a mechanic to inspect a second-hand machine before you buy.

So, based on your workload and budget, you need to decide which route is best.

With all this in mind, let’s explore the benefits of buying a second-hand tractor.

Work Requirements

Think about the next 5-10 years.

What kind of workload will the tractor need to handle? Will this tractor support your needs?

If you buy an undersized, less powerful machine, it can be dangerous to use, and likely not fulfill the work requirements. This may immediately make a particular second-hand machine a non-option.