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Best Tractor Winter Snow Tires

The winter is swiftly approaching, and the debate between leaving your current tires on your tractor or making the switch over to snow tires rages. The benefits of snow tires have been proven through years of research and tractors that made the switch every winter see the additional traction benefits.

Snow and ice present unique challenges to tractor owners trying to navigate the winter weather conditions. With factors such as tread depth, tread design, the types of rubber compounds that make the tire, and what kind of deep snow you have to deal with, picking the right snow tire can be more complicated than you realize.

Now that you have decided to use snow tires for your tractor this winter, you'll want to know which grade to put on.

What You're Using Your Tractor for This Winter

Picking the perfect snow tires for your tractor starts with having a clear idea of how you'll be using your tractor this winter. Whether you're using your tractor for plowing or you're only trying to get across your property without getting stuck in the snow, getting tires that can handle the snowy conditions becomes critical.

The tractor tire market features a wide range of snow tires that can fit various-sized tractors and haul heavier loads without fail. Picking the right farm tire means knowing how different brands fare with your tractor and understanding how different types of tires maneuver through winter weather and snowy conditions.

The following infographic helps outline what makes a tractor tire a good snow tire:

R1 and R4 Tires

The R1 and R4 tires are some of the most common tractor tires on the market. Each style works best on different terrain and soil conditions, affecting the kinds of treads each type employs. The R1 tire features a more aggressive tread pattern than the R4; however, each can handle any harsh winter conditions that may arise. R1 tires are best used on farmland, where the soil quality runs from average to ideal conditions.

The R4 offers the best traction on harder surfaces like the concrete found at construction sites. Know the type of terrain you are most likely to deal with and decide which type of snow tire you want for your machines.

Set Your Tractor Up for Success This Winter

Finding the right tires for your machines in the winter is critical to your efficiency in less-than-ideal weather. Knowing what to look for in a good snow tire will help you make a more informed decision about your next snow tire purchase. Knowing what you need and what type of snow tire will work best for your tractor becomes crucial to the process.

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