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Can I Save Money with Proper Tire Inflation?

We want to teach you how to properly inflate your tractor tires, to save you money, reduce wear, and maximize your profits.

First, a quick discussion about maximum tractor performance.

When it comes to maximum tractor performance in the field, there are many considerations.


You need to consider the tractor horsepower, drawbar, and three-point hitch (3PH) capacity. Also, it is important to consider the implement used, the size, as well as the required ballast and tire selection.

Some of the more top-of-mind topics when it comes to performance are efficient baling, harvesting, tilling, and planting.

Just as important is better fuel usage, minimized ground compaction, increased tractor driveline life, and increased profitability.

So, how does this tie into tire inflation?

Tire Inflation

There are reasons to make sure your tires are properly inflated --- yet tire inflation is misunderstood or often ignored.

Tractive efficiency is a little-known term. It refers to the measure of how well a tractor uses available power to pull an implement through the soil. Tractive performance is a balance of field performance, maximization of tire wear, elimination of power hop, and minimization of soil compaction.

You may not be aware of it, but radial tires have a big advantage over their bias-ply counterparts. Radial tires require a more careful tire pressure management program.