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Do-it-Yourself Skills Every Homesteader Must Learn

We want to help you learn inexpensive, do-it-yourself skills that every homesteader needs.

And don’t forget, we are also here to help you purchase the perfect tractor when the time comes.

Let’s get started discussing the skills.

When it comes to being a homesteader, there are certain aspects of life that no fancy computer, advanced education, or piece of machinery can solve.

Let’s face it --- water lines freeze --- farm animals get preyed upon --- things break --- and droughts kill crops.

Any way you slice it, there are many challenges that farmers and homesteaders deal with.

One is repairs.

And many homesteaders cannot afford to leave their repair work to someone else. Besides the high costs of hiring carpenters, electricians, and plumbers --- there are scheduling delays and a lack of qualified technicians. Some issues just cannot wait.

The following are some critical DIY skills you will need to keep your homestead running smoothly.

Fixing a Leaky/Clogged Faucet