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Help Me Understand How to Use a Rotary Sweeper

We want to help you understand everything you need to know about rotary sweepers.

Rotary sweepers have been around for a long time.


As of this writing, many types of sweepers and brooms are on the market. There are street sweepers, walk-behind sidewalk sweepers, and those that are powered by an ATV, UTV, or a tractor.

We are going to focus on rotary sweepers used with tractors.


Rotary sweepers, used with tractors, can be powered in many ways.

They can be powered by the tractor engine/transmission using a belt-driven or chain-driven gearbox --- a hydraulic mower powered off the tractor hydraulic system --- a driveshaft from the transaxle/transmission --- or from a separate pump, powered by the tractor power take-off (PTO).

Most rotary sweepers, when observed from the right side, will rotate clockwise (counterclockwise when viewed from the left). Debris is propelled forward. Some rotary sweepers have a reverse broom rotation, which makes it easy to use against a building, while the tractor backs up and “pulls.”


You can mount a rotary sweeper to a three-point hitch (3PH), tractor loader boom, and/or tractor-specific, specialty mounts or quick hitches.

Proper ballasting is key.