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How Do I Adjust My Tractor’s Brake Pedal?

We want to help you adjust your tractor’s brake pedal.

If you do not feel that you understand these steps, or can perform them safely, consult your tractor dealer or local mechanic. Also always consult your tractor owner’s manual for model-specific information.

Time to get started.


· To adjust your tractor’s brake pedal.

1. Park the tractor safely and securely.

2. Shut off the engine.

Place chocks (A, Fig. 1) on each driving direction of the front and rear wheels.

A - Chock (8 pieces)

3. Check all the tires safely and securely.

4. Engage the parking brake.

5. Confirm that the parking brake lock holder is surely applied and that the parking brake lock lever is locked securely.

6. Periodically clean and apply oil to prevent dust or rust that could interfere with its proper operation.

7. Remove the rear right wheel.

8. Disengage the parking brake.

9. Adjust the brake pedal’s free play.

· Loosen the lock nut (A, Fig. 2).

· Rotate the brake rod (B, Fig. 2) so that the free play (C, Fig. 2) at the tip of the brake pedal is 2.9 ± 0.1 in. (73 ± 3 mm).

· Tighten the lock nut.

A - Lock nut

B - Brake rod

C - Free play


· Tighten the brake rod lock nut to 17 to 22 fl lbs. (23 to 29 N•m)

1a. Adjust the differential lock link.

· Loosen the flange nuts (A, Fig. 3).

· Fix the brake pedal with the tip (B, Fig. 3) at 2.9 ± 0.1 in. (73 ± 3 mm).

· With the differential lock arm (C, Fig. 3) pushed forward (D, Fig. 3), adjust the length of the link adjuster (E, Fig. 3) so that the spring (F, Fig. 3) is at its free length.

· Tighten the flange nuts.

· Return the brake pedal.

· Make sure that the differential lock arm returns to its original position(G, Fig. 3) and that the differential lock is released.

A - Flange nut

B - Free play

C - Differential lock arm

D - Position when pushed forward (Differential lock: On) E Link adjuster

F Spring

G Original position (Differential lock: Off)


· Tighten the nut to 17 to 22 fl lbs. (23 to 29 N•m)

If you need any further help or have any questions about adjusting your brake pedal, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944.

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