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How Do I Clean My Yanmar Tractor Fuel Filter and Water Separator?

We want to help you clean your Yanmar tractor fuel filter and water separator.

If you do not feel that you understand these steps, or can perform them safely, consult your tractor dealer or local mechanic.

Time to get started.


  • Diesel fuel is flammable and explosive under certain conditions.

  • Never use diesel fuel as a cleaning agent.

  • When you remove any fuel system component to perform maintenance (such as changing the fuel filter) place an approved container under the opening to catch the fuel.

  • Never use a shop rag to catch the fuel. Vapors from the rag are flammable and explosive.

  • Wipe up any spills immediately.

  • Wear eye protection. The fuel system is under pressure and fuel could spray out when you remove any fuel system component.

  • Failure to comply will result in death or serious injury.


  • Always be environmentally responsible.

  • Follow the guidelines of the EPA or other governmental agencies for the proper disposal of hazardous materials such as engine oil, diesel fuel, and engine coolant. Consult the local authorities or reclamation facility.

  • Never dispose of hazardous materials irresponsibly by dumping them into a sewer, on the ground, or into groundwater or waterways.

  • Failure to follow these procedures may seriously harm the environment.

Periodically clean the fuel filter/water separator element and inside the cup.

1. Position an approved container under the cup (Figure 5-14, (1)) of the fuel filter/water separator to collect the contaminants.