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How Do I Prevent Costly Tractor Repairs?

With the price of tractor repairs, you will want to do everything you can to keep costs at a minimum.

The following are 10 tips to help keep tractor repair costs at an absolute minimum.

TIP #1: Be sure to remove the old gasket or “O” ring from the filter bracket.

You will want to do this the next time you change your oil.

If you do not remove the old gasket and you install a new one on top of it, you could be in for a real mess.

When you have two “O” rings or gaskets on top of each other, they can suddenly blow out. This can cause you to lose all your engine oil. It can take several hours or days before they blow out. If you do not notice the leaking oil, it can result in a very costly repair.

TIP #2: Check your warning lights.

To check the oil pressure light --- turn the key on with the engine not running. You should see a red light with either a picture of an oil drop (with arrows indicating pressure), or the word “oil” written on it.

As far as the temperature light… it will typically come on only when the tractor is overheating. To check that bulb, you need to locate the temperature sender, usually at the top of the engine. Then unhook the single wire going to it. Next, find a non-painted, metal part on the engine and hold the wire to it. You should see the "Temp" light come on. Check these bulbs periodically. Watch them when you operate the tractor. This can prevent several costly issues.

TIP #3: Fill your fuel filter with clean diesel.

This is done after a fuel filter change.

If a diesel engine has air in the fuel system, it can be extremely hard to start.

When you fill your fuel filter, it eliminates a great deal of air. See your tractor model’s service manual for complete instructions.

TIP #4: Use clean diesel fuel from a sealed container.

Never use diesel fuel that has water in it.

Water is a diesel engine's worst enemy. Any trace of water can permanently damage an injector pump.

TIP #5: Check hoses and fan belts.

If you are looking for cheap insurance against a costly engine failure --- this is it!