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How Do I Remove and Install My Tractor’s Hood?

We want to help you learn how to remove and install your tractor’s hood.

If you do not feel that you understand these steps, or can perform them safely, consult your tractor dealer or local mechanic. Also always consult your tractor owner’s manual for model-specific information.

Time to get started.


  • To remove and install a tractor’s hood.

Remove the Hood

1. Park the tractor safely and securely.

2. Shut off the engine.

Place chocks (A, Fig. 1) on each driving direction of the front and rear wheels.

A - Chock (8 pieces)


  • Make sure that the parking brake is securely engaged.

  • Make sure to lower all of the implements to the ground.

3. Lift the Hood.

  • Push the hood release lever rightward to unlatch the hood lock. (A, Fig. 2).

  • Lift up the hood (B, Fig. 3) with both hands until the hood support (C, Fig. 3) is automatically set.

A Hood release lever

B Hood

C – Hood support

Warning (Avoid injury):

  • Do not open the hood while the engine is running.

  • Do not touch any of the hot components, such as the muffler, exhaust pipe and other hot components.

4. Remove the hood.

  • Disconnect the lighting harness (A, Fig. 4) at the headlight connector (B, Fig. 4).

  • Remove the lighting harness (A, Fig. 4) from the hood.

  • Remove the following parts from the hood support (C, Fig. 5).

- Hairpin clip (D, Fig. 6)

- Washer (E, Fig. 6)

- Clevis pin (F, Fig. 6)

  • Remove the hood (G, Fig. 5) from the hood bracket (H, Fig. 5).

- Lift and slide it forward to remove the hood from the tractor.

A Lighting harness

B – Headlight connector

C – Hood support

D Hairpin clip

E – Washer

F Clevis pin

G – Hood

H Hood bracket

Caution (Avoid injury):

  • Hood is heavy.


  • Use a suitable lifting device to support the hood during the removal procedure if necessary.

  • Have another person assist you during the removal of the hood.

Install the Hood