How Much Money Is My Tractor Really Worth?

We want to help you determine the real value of your tractor.

If you do not understand these tips, strategies, or processes, please consult your local dealer or mechanic. And as always, be sure to consult your owner’s manual for model-specific information.

Also, we are here to help you purchase a new tractor when the time is right.

Let’s get to it.


Before we dive into the details, we need to convey that no two tractors are the same in the “pre-owned” or “used” market.

Even the same year, make, and model tractors can vary significantly. This becomes even more prevalent as the tractor ages.

Tractors have unique variances like features, upgrades, add-ons, hours used, damage, engine condition, repairs/maintenance needed, implements, powertrains, PTOs, cab, as well as the amount of usage and the condition of a slew of other parts. You will need to have a list of all these items when calculating your valuations.

And for those of you with antique or rare tractors --- you need to keep in mind that some older tractors are more in demand than others with collectors and other types of buyers. Of course, the condition can also play a key role here. Some buyers want the tractor in pristine condition, while others are willing to take on the repairs.

Determining the Value

There are many ways to determine your tractor’s worth.

For now, keep in mind that regardless of what a tractor is worth --- what it sells for may be vastly different. So in a way, we can say --- the tractor is ultimately worth what the buyer pays you. That’s called reality.

And let’s face it --- if you are highly motivated to sell your tractor, you are more likely to take less money than it is worth on paper. This is a personal choice.

On the other end, a buyer who desperately wants your tractor may pay a premium over its worth. You never can tell, which is why every transaction is different.

Let’s discuss a few resources you can access to help you determine how much money you can likely get for your tractor.

Tractor Auctions

There are many tractor and equipment auctions available online.

Too many to list here.

People are constantly buying, selling, and trading tractors and other equipment.

What’s nice about these auctions is that they publish recent selling prices. This can help you find good price comparisons. You also will be able to see what tractors are selling for in your specific area. The selling price is the most helpful number.

Some of the more popular auctions include, Ritchie Brothers, Proxibid, Mecum, HiBid, and many more. These are just a handful.

Check out as they are an excellent resource.

And just a note --- buy from credible auction houses. Use credit cards for added protection against fraud. Same thing for selling your tractor. Go through credible sources.

Clubs and Specialty Sites

There are many tractor clubs and specialty websites dedicated to specific eras and brands.

You can find clubs for just about any popular brand.

Look them up online and contact them directly. You will find all sorts of tractor enthusiasts online --- many can give you more information about your tractor and its value in the marketplace.


eBay is an online auction house that is quite frankly in a class of its own.

Here you can find all sorts of tractors, implements, farm equipment, and a host of other items for your farm, ranch, or for other use.

If you go to eBay, you can search what others are asking for their equipment. Just keep in mind that some people ask ridiculous prices, so they are not always a good benchmark. Even better, you can use the advanced search option to see what tractor sold at what price.

Remember --- selling price is key. You need to know how much buyers actually paid.

Many highly reputable sellers go through eBay. That should give you extra peace of mind. eBay also stands behind purchases and offers fraud protection.


Classified ads are a great resource for helping you determine your tractor’s value.