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How to Clean or Replace Your Yanmar Tractor Air Filter

We want to help you safely clean or replace your tractor air filter.

NOTE: You should service your air filter every 30-75 hours, depending on your environment or as directed in your Yanmar owner’s manual. We also recommend replacing your air filter every other season.

Here is a simple way to clean or replace the air filter yourself.

Purchase the recommended air filter for your tractor model.

You will also need a blower and compressed air.

For more information, contact your local dealer or consult your service manual.

It is time to get started!

Remove the air filter cover.

Loosen the wing nut or open a couple of latches.

Remove the filter.

You need to loosen the nut that holds in the filter.

Clean the air filter housing.

Wipe away the dirt in the bottom.

Check the air filter for dirt.

Look for signs of dirt inside your air filter. A dirty spot on the inside usually means that the air filter is leaking. The air filter should be replaced immediately.

Blow dirt from the air filter.

From the inside out, blow the dirt from the air filter. Use roughly 35-50psi of compr