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How to Practice Tractor Safety During a Lightning Storm

We want to help you stay safe when a lightning storm strikes while you are operating your tractor.

If you do not feel that you understand these steps, or can perform them safely, consult your tractor dealer or local mechanic. Also always consult your tractor owner’s manual for model-specific information.

Let’s get started.


The weather can turn on you at a moment’s notice.

Lightning can seemingly come out of nowhere.

When this happens, stop the tractor, immediately take cover inside --- and of course never park your tractor near a tree for shelter.


Lightning strikes injure and kill hundreds of people each year.

These strikes can happen anywhere outside. In some cases inside.

There are a few precautions we recommend that can potentially save your life.

Here they are:

  • Tractor cabs provide some protection from lightning --- but a sturdy building provides the best protection.

  • Listen to the radio for weather updates and storm warnings.

  • As soon as you hear thunder, shut off your tractor and move indoors. When you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning. Lightning can strike even when it’s not raining, or you do not hear thunder.


You may find yourself stuck outside in a field without shelter. This can be extremely dangerous.

There are a few things to do if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Go to a low place, as lightning tends to strike the tallest objects. (There are exceptions.)

  • Crouch down on the balls of your feet. Place your hands on your knees and lower your head between your knees.

  • Minimize your contact with the ground.

  • Do not lie flat on the ground as this makes you a larger target.

There are also areas and things outside that you should avoid.

Here is a shortlist:

  • Rivers, lakes, swimming pools, and other bodies of water.

  • Metal objects, tools, equipment, wire fences, and umbrellas.

  • Large, lone trees and towers, fences, telephone poles, and power lines.


Unfortunately, lightning strikes people and objects consistently.

Many people get injured and in some cases are killed.

The majority of lightning strike victims experience everything from very minor injuries to serious disabilities --- while a very small number end up a fatality. Let’s be clear though that all deaths are awful, so there’s no need to take an unnecessary risk.

In the unfortunate event, someone gets hit by lightning, we recommend the following:

  • Call 911 and/or other emergency personnel right away.

  • Check to see if they are breathing. If necessary, begin CPR or rescue breathing.

  • Check for burns on their body.

  • Move the victim inside --- away from the storm.

Thankfully, with immediate treatment, most lightning-strike victims survive.

Hopefully, this short article helped you better understand how to stay safer in the event of a lightning storm.

If you need any further help or have any questions about safety, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944. Please ask about our current new and used tractor supply.

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