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How to Prepare Your Tractor Service Area for Efficiency and Safety

It is extremely important to prepare your work area before starting to service your tractor.

This will help you work safe, smart, and efficient.

Here are 9 tips for preparing your work area:

1. Clean the entire work area.

2. Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area. (Remember --- engine exhaust gas contains carbon, and if inhaled, it can cause severe poisoning or even death.)

3. When working in an enclosed area, always expel the engine exhaust gas to an outdoor area. (Connect one end of an extension pipe to the engine exhaust pipe and set the other end outside of the work area.)

4. Allow fresh outside air to flow into an enclosed work area to remove the engine exhaust gas from the area.

5. Make sure the work area is safely and adequately illuminated.

6. Make sure to use a light bulb enclosed in a wire cage. (The hot filament from a broken light bulb can ignite spilled fuel.)

7. Use a portable safety light when working inside or under the tractor.