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How to Select and Buy the Right Tractor

We want to help you select and buy the right tractor for your needs and budget.

Your goals should include finding a tractor that runs great, has the right amount of power, is comfortable to use, and well within your budget.

Finding the right tractor will also help you get the most out of your land.

Let’s consider the selection process from six different angles.

PRICE While there are many other considerations --- price ranks near the top. It is super important.

Of course, there’s a balance to think about. You want to buy a tractor that will get the job done. You also need to keep in line with your budget. The key is to know your budget going in, as well as how much you can afford to pay monthly if you need to finance (see below).

Also, make sure the tractor you buy has all the features and amenities you need and want (we will discuss this in detail shortly). If not --- no matter what you paid --- you will have wasted your money. Let’s eliminate the potential for that right now. We want you to be happy with your tractor.

One key is to buy good quality, so your tractor runs well, lasts longer, and has a better resale value. You get what you pay for.

Be sure to investigate prices carefully and buy from a reputable dealer.

Team Tractor Ranch is here to help you find the perfect tractor for your needs at the best price, which is why we are the top dealer in the southwestern USA. There are many great cash deals and financing options available.

Feel free to go online to Team Tractor Ranch and check out our new and used inventory.

To get a quote right now, please click here.

For detailed pricing information, you can call either Bryce or Ana at 602-734-9944 or stop by the dealership. We are located at 1100 West Happy Valley Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85085.

We also offer excellent financing options.

If you are considering financing, we will take great care of you. We will be honored to have the opportunity to help you set up a financing plan that gets you all the equipment you need as soon as possible. In fact, you can finance your entire purchase (equipment, parts, accessories, extended service plan) in one simple monthly payment.