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How to Transport Tractors, Supplies and Other Equipment

We want to share important information that will show you the best way to transport tractors and other equipment.

And as a quick aside --- we are here to help you purchase a new tractor, parts and implements

when the time is right.

Let’s dive into the details.


The king of the hill when it comes to transport trailers (in size, capacity, and cost) is the equipment transport lowboy trailer.

These double drop-deck designs are becoming more sought after as the geographic areas of farms increases.

Double drop-decks with outrigger brackets have become popular for transporting sprayers and spray supplies.

There are other trailer configurations available --- varying by configuration, length, width, and deck height.

Trailer Types

There are three basic trailer types on the market.

Let’s go through each.

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed trailers are the workhorse of the open road.