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Tractor Auger Systems and Their Benefits Explained

We want to help you understand auger systems and why you should get one.

And as a quick aside --- we are here to help you purchase a new tractor, parts, and implements when the time is right.

Let’s get started.

Auger Systems Explained

A PTO auger system can be a good choice for a farmer, rancher, or large estate owner.

PTO auger systems have a straightforward design. They allow for one-person operation from the tractor seat.

A typical PTO auger system utilizes a gearbox with a ring gear and pinion to transfer the rotation from the PTO driveline through a right angle to drive an output spindle --- where the auger bit attaches.

The ring gear and pinion function as a gear-reduction to multiply torque --- allowing for more effective digging. The gearbox is mounted to a boom and yoke arrangement, which allows for the raising and lowering of the posthole digger.

Most PTO auger systems incorporate shear bolts or pins to reduce the possibility of damaging the gearbox, driveline, and auger bit. Though some make use of slip clutches or other torque-limiting devices.