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TYM Tractor Comparison (Compact, Compact Utility, Utility)

We want to show you how TYM has the perfect tractor for any project or usage.

Plus they are really a great value!

Let’s get started with a comparison of their compact, compact utility, and utility tractors.

TYM Tractor Applications

Whatever your type of application --- there is a TYM tractor that is a perfect match for your projects and productivity targets.

With tractors across sizes and power outputs, TYM operators find the balance they need to meet their budget and their project goals.

Small-to-medium Tasks

TYM's compact range of tractors is an economical and effective choice for maximized impact in narrower spaces.

The T474 is an excellent choice for everything from home gardens to larger orchards. They have good overhead and ground clearance and the implement versatility to perform a range of tasks.