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Understanding Tractor Mower Options

There are a wide variety of tractor mowers available to you for various uses.

You may want to simply manicure your lawn, manage over-grown fields, or even cut hay. You may even have other needs.

So, what is the best mower option for you?

Tractor Power and Motor Size

First, we need to discuss tractor power and motor size.

The amount of tractor power you need will be determined by three things at a minimum:

1. Type of mower

2. Grass heaviness

3. Size of mower

You will need a more powerful tractor if you have thick/long vegetation, wet grass, or a larger mower.

Mower manufacturers will recommend a specific tractor power requirement based on use. Some recommend specific mowers for certain tractors. You can learn more by consulting with your local tractor dealer or the manufacturer.

Time to take a deep dive into mower options.

Rotary Mowers

Rotary mowers feature one or more blades rotating perpendicular to the surface being cut.

The spinning blades tear and cut the vegetation.