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What Is a Tractor FOPS?

We want to help you understand what a FOPS is and what it does.

And as a quick aside --- we are here to help you purchase a new tractor and implements when the time is right.

Let’s get to it.

Tractor Safety

The importance of tractor safety cannot be overstated.

When many people think of tractor safety issues --- one of the first things that comes up is rolling over.

One of the most important safety features on a tractor is the ROPS --- which is a “Rollover Protective Structure” designed to protect the operator in the event that their tractor rolls over backward or sideways.

These types of accidents can cause anything from a very minor injury to an unfortunate fatality.

And there’s another type of injury that should always be top of mind. This is the potential for falling debris to hit a tractor operator on the head. While it not as common as a rollover --- falling debris is an issue that must be addressed to keep the tractor operator safe.

To avoid these kinds of injuries, it is important to outfit your tractor with a FOPS.