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What Nobody Wants to Tell You Before Selling Your Farmhouse

We want to teach you what you are not being told before selling your farmhouse.

Of course, when the time comes, we are also here to help you choose and purchase the perfect tractor for your homestead.

Let’s get started.

Are you about to sell your farmhouse?

If so, we may have caught you at just the right time. There are many things you need to know about selling your home that you may not have been told.

This is not a time for costly surprises. You do not want to lose money or have your farmhouse sitting on the market for weeks, months, or even years. This happens all too often.

Something no one seems to tell you is that it could linger on the market for quite a while.

Your farmhouse could sell much quicker if you follow these “little-known” tips.

Let’s jump right in and discuss what nobody wants to tell you!

Realtors Should Be Hiring a Professional Photographer

With more and more people shopping online for real estate --- curb appeal is no longer that important.

The first impression is now a picture online. How your farmhouse and surrounding property look online can make a significant difference in how fast it sells.

Some studies have claimed that sellers who utilized professional real estate photography sold their homes 32% faster. If it doesn’t have online appeal --- many buyers will pass it up.

Professional photos can show your home in the very best light. This can get those eager buyers to come out for a visit.

Terrible pictures do the opposite. Terrible angles, shadows, clutter in the shot, rooms look too small, poor lighting --- the list goes on and on.

A professional photographer will setup the best shot for each room. They will make the rooms and spaces look larger and brighter. Far more appealing.

Do not consider hiring a realtor if they don’t use a professional photographer. The cost is on the realtor which is why they typically don’t do it.

Luckily, many top real estate firms have professional photographers available onsite or through contract.

If you are selling your farmhouse “by owner,” then make an investment in professional photos. This way you can showcase your home in the best light.

You Need to Get Rid of Stuff or Store It

Your farmhouse will showcase much better if there is less to no clutter.

Instead of putting everything in boxes to bring with you --- go through everything. Discard, donate, or sell things you no longer want.

Truly think about where you are moving to. If you are downsizing, take that into consideration.

If you are moving somewhere without a garage or with less land, you may or may not need your tools, gardening supplies, and sports equipment. Also, go through books and clothing.

You Will Need Storage Space

Before the photographer comes, and certainly before the potential buyers start coming by, you need to clear out all the clutter and junk.

In fact, the fewer personal things you have in the farmhouse the better. Pack them and store them off-site.

Closets should be as empty as possible. Bulky furniture also needs to be removed or the farmhouse will look smaller.

You Will Need to Remove Personal Items

Buyers want to visualize the farmhouse as theirs --- not yours.

Take down family photos and store personal mementos. Clear off the bookshelves, tabletops, and mantels. Having less knickknacks and clutter will also make it easier for the realtor or you to clean.

Pack everything in plastic storage totes. Then put them in storage. This means you may need a storage unit.

You Must Keep the Farmhouse “Show-Ready”

Reality --- your hired realtor can and will call you on a moment’s notice to do a showing for a potential buyer. So will other realtors that you have never met before.

You could have an hour or less to tidy up and leave. Your farmhouse will need to be in show-ready condition. The bottom line is that you must be flexible with your daily schedule and be extra diligent about keeping it clean.

You Can Sell Your Farmhouse “By Owner”

It’s important to note that if you are selling your home on your own, you should be prepared to present your home just like a professional realtor would.

Part of this is doing your due diligence before setting an asking price.

Have information on your farmhouse and property that potential buyers can take with them.

Also, you need to be ready to leave your home so the potential buyer can feel comfortable walking around and checking it out.

Many times the potential buyers will come with their real estate agent. When this happens, let their agent do the selling. If they come without an agent, be sure to step outside so the potential buyers can look around without you hovering. They need to imagine themselves living in your home.