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What Tractor Maintenance Do I Need to Do Daily?

If you take care of small issues quickly, you will be able to keep your tractor running well and stay productive.

If not, you could find your tractor not running with a costly repair bill awaiting.

With that in mind… there are six things that you should examine on your tractor every time you use it.

Here they are.

Oil Level

Your engine oil is your tractor’s lifeblood.

It is crucial to check your oil consistently, as low oil can cause a host of issues.

Low oil means your current oil is heating up. It is wearing down fast.

If you are working off-camber or on steep terrain, you can leave the tractor engine without oil.

Air Filter

It is vitally important that you check your air filter for dust and dander from being in the fields.

They can both clog the air filter.

This can cause long term engine trouble.

You also may find small rodents, as they love tight, dark spaces.

All of these can cause your tractor to have zero air intake.


Make sure to check all your belts.

Your water pump and alternator run on belts. These must be checked often.

AC and power steering also run on belted systems.

Losing a belt could cause several items to not work.