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Why Rural Living Is Getting More Popular By the Minute and How You Can Benefit

We want to help you understand the major reasons that people are moving from urban to rural areas and how this can ultimately affect and benefit you.

And as a quick aside --- we are here to help you purchase a new tractor when the time is right.

Let’s get to it.

Lifestyle Changes

There is a huge shift going on all around us.

People are making a mass exodus from urban to rural areas. In a short period of time, rural living has jumped by nearly 25% and it is growing every minute.

Many have had it with city life and are opting to move to the country and smaller towns. This is not just happening in the USA --- it is happening worldwide.

So what is driving this mass exodus and how can you benefit from already being in a rural area?

Let’s explore this a little deeper.

Less Cost

One big reason for the mass exodus is the cost of living.

Rural areas provide a cost effective way of life.

Groceries, land, supplies, property, taxes, and many other items cost less in rural areas.

If you compare the median monthly housing costs alone --- you would find rural living to provide a huge advantage.

A couple of things that many people must weigh when making this decision are the urban amenities they are used to and the number of jobs in rural areas. This equates to a huge lifestyle shift which does not appear to bother many of those who decide to make the move.

The good news is that you can benefit from all these people moving into your rural area --- as they are bringing in new sources of money, taxes, businesses, and amenities. This helps build the local economy and it brings in many new jobs and industries.

And speaking of jobs and businesses.


Let’s face it… different areas tend to attract different types of industry and business.

Many rural locals commute into the city for work. That trend is changing a bit.

More urban businesses are now moving further out from the city.

Millions of people who live in rural areas are benefitting from this influx of new jobs, revenues, and opportunities. This has been prevalent with technology and digital media businesses.

Another huge growth business for rural areas is casinos. Surprisingly, this is a known contributing factor to the explosion of people moving to rural areas.

Rural areas benefit from the new and exciting jobs, revenues, taxes, and entertainment.


Years ago, it was common to associate rural living with farming and lower income people.

This attitude has shifted.

There is still rural poverty. No question. There is urban poverty as well.

Today there is a far more diverse and enriched economy than you would have seen just a couple decades ago.

Rural economies have improved. Amenities typically associated with urban living have become available and easy to access. This means that living out in the country means that you do not have to sacrifice urban niceties and luxuries.

Many property owners are looking for homes and farms away from the stress of the city.

They want a peaceful and more fruitful and joyous life.

As a result, more people are moving farther out.

Rural Actions

Many rural areas are taking massive actions to push growth and development at a huge rate.

Much of this revolves around tax breaks for bringing in new businesses and industries.

There are also many new policies around reducing pollution, encouraging exercise, growing transportation systems, and making healthier food choices.

Many rural areas are introducing policies that will enable the conservation and protection of wildlife. From air quality to water --- rural communities are doing what they can to attract new people to the area to live and to spend their vacation time.

This benefits anyone who lives in the area.

Census Changes

Larger amounts of people are being placed into the rural living category due to the census bureau.

They now offer a different measurement for identifying a rural location.

The definition of a rural location is one that lies outside of urban clusters of 2,500+ people. An urban area is defined as an area that has at least 50,000 residents and is spread out to county lines. Fringe counties are also included. So near 50% of rural property owners are now living within metro areas or close by.

This means that rural and urban individuals have access to urbanized jobs, services, and amenities. This a great benefit because you can now experience the best of both worlds.

You have access to the city for work and the countryside for raising a family.


Ethnic and rural diversity is no longer only attributed to the largest cities.

There’s a type of classification equation that allows us to see the diversity of ethnic and racial variation of both urban and rural environments.

In essence --- when you see more ethnicity in your community, in equal numbers between the groups --- this means you can credit more diversity to the area.

The USA has seen near a 100% rise in diversity rates in metropolitan areas and smaller since the 1980s. This has also been evident in rural locations.

Hopefully, this brief article has helped you understand the explosion of people that are going from urban to rural living and how you will benefit.

If you need any further help, or have any questions about rural living, tractors, or anything else, please contact your dealer, local mechanic, or call us at 602-734-9944. Please ask about our current new and used tractor supply.

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