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Winter Tractor Storage and Operation Tips

The harsh, relentless, cold winter weather is right around the corner.

Have no fear though. We have proven tips to help you keep your tractor running great and stored properly in these brutal conditions.


Whether you have a diesel or a gasoline-powered tractor engine --- the storage procedures are similar, with minor differences.

While diesel engines are tough and reliable, they still require some general maintenance before parking for extended periods of time, especially in the cold winter months.

Here are some tips for proper storage

  • Park in a temperature-controlled environment or use cover.

  • Drain fuel from the tank and carburetor.

  • Disconnect and store the battery in a dry, temperature-controlled location.

  • Release the clutch.

  • Lower hitch.

  • Remove the wheels and store on blocks.

  • Clean the tractor thoroughly.

  • Grease all moving parts.

  • Top off and/or change fluids.

  • Clean the air filters.

  • Tune the engine.

  • Replace spark plugs (gasoline engines).

  • Complete general maintenance (repair parts such as cracked light bulbs, fraying belts, leaky hoses, etc.)